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TV episodes

Produced by Kitty Films and broadcast by Fuji Terebi. Airing times: 19:30 on Wednesdays.

TV episodes in Japan
Episode Airdate Description
1 26/03/86 Sorry to keep you waiting! I'm Otonashi Kyoko
2 02/04/86 Love spark flying around. Who does Kyoko-san love?
3 09/04/86 Hearts beating in the darkness! Alone with Kyoko-san
4 16/04/86 Kyoko-san's worried?! Godai-kun in the middle of juken!
5 23/04/86 Kyoko-san worried! Godai-kun ran away
6 30/04/86 Spring is shocking! Kyoko-san's Secret
7 07/05/86 Tormented Godai-kun! The man Kyoko loves
8 14/05/86 Godai-kun mustn't shout. The time to do it has come
9 21/05/86 The mysterious tennis coach is the rival of love!
10 28/05/86 Panic at the beach-side. The rival doesn't like dogs
11 04/06/86 Kentaro's first love. If there's love, age difference is nothing!
12 11/06/86 Love scramble. I thought you said you loved me...
13 18/06/86 Popular Godai-kun, watch out for pink calls
14 25/06/86 Alright Godai-kun! The first date with Kyoko-san
15 02/07/86 Dangerous two's puppet play! Can't stand it anymore
16 09/07/86 Get-Well Visit Panic! Injured but Beloved.
17 16/07/86 Kyoko-san's first love story. The rainy day is always...
18 23/07/86 Kyoko-san's gift. Oh, this's for me!?
19 30/07/86 Godai and Kyoko. Two's night is full of danger
20 06/08/86 Frustrated Kyoko-san!? Mystery of the unreturning Godai-kun
21 13/08/86 Godai-kun in panic. Ikkoku-kan's kitten tale
22 20/08/86 Shocked Godai-kun. Kyoko-san's resignation
23 27/08/86 Kyoko-san in jeopardy. Mother's plot
24 03/09/86 Godai-kun in a flurry. First kiss with Kozue?!
25 10/09/86 Crash! Godai vs. Mitaka proposal battle
26 17/09/86 Stunned Godai. Kyoko's jealousy exploding
27 24/09/86 Disappeared Souichiro-san. Scent of yakitori is the memory
28 01/10/86 Kyoko surprised. I'm Kentaro's father
29 08/10/86 Slapstick autumn fest. Inside a well with Kyoko-san
30 15/10/86 Kyoko-san getting married? Tearful Godai-kun moving away
31 22/10/86 Ikkoku-kan scandal. Godai-kun living with a woman?
32 29/10/86 Egg is mystery. Yotsuya's dangerous gift
33 05/11/86 Shock in diary! Souichiro had a lover!?
34 12/11/86 Be pushy for love! Grandma Yukari with gold teeth
35 19/11/86 Operation chase! After Kyoko and Godai's date
36 26/11/86 Sudden storm of kiss! Story of broken hearted Akemi-san
37 03/12/86 Dangerous costume party! Kyoko's radical change
38 10/12/86 Godai-kun's lost love? Kozue approaching Mitaka?
39 17/12/86 Guts for love! Godai's operation part time
40 24/12/86 Tenderness warm heart. X-mas is feeling of love
41 07/01/87 Heart thump with Kyoko out of bath. Open bath peeping wars
42 14/01/87 Godai-kun broken bone! Chance of love in hospital room
43 21/01/87 Sparks of love! Hospital feud of Godai and Mitaka
44 28/01/87 Kentaro-kun in shock. Who really is Yotsuya?
45 04/02/87 Big announcement!!! Kyoko tells of her love to Godai?!
46 11/02/87 Fight over Kyoko! Skating rink is love's battleground
47 18/02/87 Kyoko in a mess. Drunk and crazy
48 25/02/87 Godai's revelation. I wish you understood how I feel
49 04/03/87 Mitaka's training! No love is achieved if I'm scared of dogs
50 11/03/87 Kyoko in love at first sight?! A strange fellow moves into Ikkoku-kan
51 18/03/87 Even Yotsuya is shocked. The day Ikkoku-kan disappears
52 25/03/87 Forgive me, Souichiro-san! Kyoko's announcement of marrying again!!
53 08/04/87 Female high school student explodes into a passion!
Declaration of war against Kyoko's love!
54 15/04/87 Attack with nudity! Seduction plan for Godai!
55 22/04/87 Pajama girl charging in! Ikkoku-kan love panic!
56 29/04/87 Yagami decides! I won't give up my first love!
57 06/05/87 Here comes a lady. Love at first sight with Mitaka-coach
58 13/05/87 Godai or Mitaka? Tonight is her heart's moment of truth
59 20/05/87 Asuna Kujou's first time
60 27/05/87 Saw them! Kyoko and Mitaka's "B". Out of the blue?!
61 10/06/87 Chase after me, Godai-san. Kyoko's lone trip
62 17/06/87 Alright! In bath with Kyoko! Just two in open bath
63 24/06/87 Yagami's back by the time she's forgotten
64 01/07/87 Godai-kun on the edge! Sweet trap of high school girl
65 08/07/87 Yagami's scream! Yotsuya's Dangerous tutoring!
66 15/07/87 Yagami's challenge! I musn't lose against the widow!
67 22/07/87 Even Yagami is confused! Grandma Yukari returns with golden teeth!!
68 29/07/87 Grandma Yukari's Fighting Spirit. Hot Baseball Match!
69 05/08/87 Underwater battle. Suspicious kiss mark on Godai
70 12/08/87 Goodbye Grandma! Ueno station is party panic
71 19/08/87 A Midsummer night's dream. Godai already found a job?
72 26/08/87 Child is born? Godai's life of joy and cry!
73 02/09/87 Ikkoku-kan hostage crisis. Yagami's big nuisance!
74 09/09/87 Change in employment front. Godai's last come back.
75 16/09/87 Love all the way. Yagami and Asuna never give up.
76 23/09/87 I'll wait. Kyoko's sudden announcement
77 14/10/87 Bravo Godai! The Pride of a Man
78 21/10/87 It's a secret! Godai's work diary
79 28/10/87 I'm sorry Kyoko-san. Guilt trip homemade lunch
80 04/11/87 Godai in Panic! Yagami the Bunny Girl!!
81 11/11/87 Devotion of love. Asuna never gives up after all
82 18/11/87 Perfect dad! Godai-kun's child care story
83 25/11/87 Yokohama chaser. Kyoko-san's going away?!
84 02/12/87 1000% suspicion. Kyoko's scandal night
85 09/12/87 This is the Critical point! Godai and Mitaka's duel of fate!
86 16/12/87 Shocking one night! Asuna's Salad day.
87 23/12/87 Asuna's pregnant? Mitaka's surprise marriage announcement!!
88 06/01/87 Love again?! Taste of a kiss that Kozue left!
89 13/01/87 Unrequited love! Godai and Kyoko, it's over today?
90 20/01/87 Kyoko-san quitting! Ikkoku-kan's memory far away?
91 27/01/87 Kyoko in shock! Akemi and Godai's unexpected relation!
92 03/02/87 Kozue-chan's wedding! Godai's love is forever?!
93 10/02/87 Sight of spring? The two's hearts are in warm feeling!!
94 17/02/87 Alright! Godai-kun's courageous proposal!
95 24/02/87 Ah, Excitement! Grandma's love embosomed in the ring
96 02/03/87 As long as this love lasts! Ikkoku-kan is forever...!!

Television series released to laserdisc as a 24 disc collection by Kitty Animation Circle.
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