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Godai Yukari

GO (Kanji): "5, five"
DAI (Kanji): "price, materials, substitution" (SHI-RO) o "world, society, generation" (YO)

Godai's grandma looks like Yoda microwaved for 30 minutes. She is the one who raised Yuhsaku because his parents were too busy running the restaurant "Godai's". She first visits Ikkoku-kan just before the announcement of the results of the college entrance exam. The next time she visits to check up on Godai to see how he's doing with his social aspect. When she leaves, the tenants throw a gigantic party and the next day, Grandma wakes up as if nothing had happened, while Godai is suffering from a major headache and others are having trouble waking up. Once they arrive at the Ohmiya station, the tenants and grandma Yukari resume partying, sending Godai to the washroom. Unfortunately, Grandma misses her train, so the party continues until the next train (Godai passes out). She always cared about Godai more than his parents, so when she found out that Yuhsaku was getting married, she happily loaned him a lump of money which she had been saving for her funeral fund. She also gave Kyoko the ring that she had originally gotten from her husband. Also, she is the culprit of the turmoil in Ikkoku-kan two days before the wedding (Kyoko was waiting for a letter from grandma, and the looney squad rumored it to be from another man.)

Note: Has an account at the Fifth Bank.

Scheda di Nonna Yukari
Addressed as 'Baachan' by everybody
'Grand-mere' in France
Prima apparizione Episodio 5