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YO (Kanji): "4, four"
TSUYA (Kanji): "valley"
"four valley" --- a notorious section of Tokyo known for a very famous ghost story

The mysterious resident of room #4. The other tenants gave up on finding out anything about this strange man whose personal information is completely unknown, even job or age. Yet he seems to have something to call his job, and somewhere to call home, since he was away during the new year's holiday. His hobby is peeping and eavesdropping. His room's closet is connected to Godai's room by a huge crack that Yotsuya always opened whenever somebody tried to seal it. The only time anybody saw Yotsuya at work was when he tutored Yagami, although he didn't teach her anything. All he has done in the course of four years recorded in TV or manga has been to create unspeakable messes. One day he disappeared leaving an egg in Godai's hand, and confusion prevailed for at least a week in Ikkoku-kan with everyone trying to establish a connection between the egg and Yotsuya's disappearance. It turned out that there wasn't any --- and all that was left was Sakamoto's food poisoning (Godai's best friend) when he ate the egg. Once Kentaro came across an old album version of Ikkoku-kan, and saw Yotsuya everywhere (in the TV version). He was running beside the torch relay runner at the time of the Tokyo Olympic, waving a flag of the rising sun to the soldiers marching to the battleground during WWII, and looking at the half-completed Ikkoku-kan, although it turned out that the album was Yotsuya's family's last album. Compared with the other works of Rumiko Takahashi, he is the equivalence of Cherry (Urusei Yatsura).

Note on japan character voice: Shigeru Chiba is a veteran who usually does the voices of some deranged characters like Megane (Urusei Yatsura), another Megane (Dominon I and II), Lightning (Megazone 23, Part 2) and Shigeru Shiba (Patlabor) who was actually modeled after Chiba.
His adlibs on the preview of the next episodes of the Maison TV series were quite popular because of his weird sense of humor. (at the end of the preview of an episode in which Godai and Kyoko's relationship became definite, he said ``Would somebody marry me?'')

Scheda di Yotsuya
Chiamato 'Yotsuya-san' da tutti
'Stephane' in Francia
Prima apparizione Episodio 1

I nomi di Yotsuya
ep. 36 scritto Kennosuke, ma pronunciato Gorobe:
"Mi chiamano l'onesto Goro-chan."
ep. 44 scritto Kamekichi, ma pronunciato Tsuruii
ep. 44 scritto Fuji, ma pronunciato Kawada-cho
ep. 50 scritto Kikuchiyo, ma pronunciato Tamezou:
"Sono conosciuto come Tame-san dal cuor gentil"
ep. 65 "Il mio vero nome e' Chandler Yotsuya, ma puoi chiamarmi Phillip Yotsuya-maro"