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Ibuki Yagami

YA (Kanji): "8, eight"
GAMI (Kanji): "god"

The class-representative of Room 2-4 of the high school where Kyoko met Souichiro (the home-room teacher of 2-4 also happens to be Kyoko's home room teacher). Ibuki met Godai when he was in the student teacher program in his fourth year of college. Originally not paying any attention to him, she madly fell in love with him when she ran into Godai while he was looking in an old High School yearbook (looking for Souchiro's picture), and Godai being tired, appeared to be crying, though actually, he was just yawning. Yagami made the assumption that Godai's lost love had gone to that high school before, and that he missed her very much. Yagami was then determined to get his attention. She gave him a notebook in which she wrote "I love you" on every page and she tried to make a move on Godai after her classmates trapped the two in the PE prep room. She stormed Ikkoku-kan and found the existence of Kyoko and declared a war against her. After the stormy two weeks of the program was over, Godai's class wrote him a card. Yagami wrote down "Long Goodbye" (I know the grammar is wrong, but that's what she wrote), then dropped by at Ikkoku-kan and changed the message to "So Long, Goodbye". Sure enough, she showed up again a week later and saw a poster that Godai put up for a tutoring job. She managed to make him tutor her for a month (she paid in advance and the tenants used most of it up for partying). When Yagami tagged along with Godai to a summer festival (TV version; in the manga version, when they went to visit a shrine on the New Year's Day) Godai happened to find out that Ibuki's father was the chief of the personnel office of Mitsutomo Corporation. Godai thought he had the favor of that man, but it turned out that Mr. Yagami usually did not remember the things he said when he was drunk. Godai didn't get a job because he missed the job interview (being mistaken as the husband of a pregnant lady who just went into labor). When Ibuki found out that her father didn't hire Godai, she entrenched herself in Ikkoku-kan. When Mr. Yagami visited there, he happened to find out the truth and decided that he liked Godai, so Yuhsaku got a reference to Kasumi Firm. Godai bought a TV to celebrate the occasion, and the first thing he saw on the TV was the news that due to the bankruptcy of Sekiguchi Firm, Kasumi Firm also went bankrupt (ever since then, Godai never turned on the TV). After that, Yagami did not haunt Godai for a while. She visited Ikkoku-kan later, to celebrate her 20th birthday. What she didn't know was that day was also two days before the wedding of Godai and Kyoko. When she found out about Godai-sensei's wedding, she tried to settle her score with Kyoko, but realized that the bond between Kyoko and Godai was too strong to break. Despite this, she still cannot give up on Godai and has not yet made any boyfriends.

Scheda di Ibuki Yagami
Gruppo sanguigno AB
Chiamata 'Yagami-san'
'Ibuki' dai suoi genitori
'Climentine Bardin' in Francia
Prima apparizione Episodio 53