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Souichirou Otonashi

OTO (Kanji): "sound"
NASHI (Kanji): "there isn't, doesn't have, without"
The meaning of the term is "obedient, docile, quiet"
SOU-ICHI-ROU (Kanji): "solo un marito"

Kyoko's late husband, whose face was always shown in silhouette, if any. He was the geology teacher in Kyoko's high school. It was Kyoko who made the first moves, and then rumors of the two's relationship preceded anything else. Souichiro was one of those stoic teachers and was thus shocked when the rumors finally reached him. He got married with Kyoko after she graduated from high school. Within a few months after the wedding, Souichiro passed away due to illness. Since the actual marriage was so short, Kyoko only had good memories (except for the last moment of the marriage) of the time she spent with Souichiro, so she tried to be virtuous to his memory.

Nota sul doppiatore giapponese: Tanaka Hideyuki ha dato voce a personaggi come Aban in (Dragonquest), Rayearth in (Magic Knight Rayearth).

Note: Nella prima parte della versione italiana dell'anime, pronunciato erroneamente "Soishiro".

Scheda di Souichirou Otonashi
Nato 1950
Morto 1980
Segno zodiacale Tigre
Varianti alla pronuncia Soichiro, Soichirou
Chiamato 'Souichiro-san'
'Otonashi-sensei' da Kyoko e dalle altre alunne quando erano alle superiori.
'Maxime Rosier' in Francia
Prima apparizione Episodio 7 (in un sogno di Godai)
Episodio 11 (nei ricordi di Kyoko)