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Grandfather Otonashi

OTO (Kanji): "sound"
NASHI (Kanji): "there isn't, doesn't have, without"
The meaning of the term is "obedient, docile, quiet"

The landlord of Ikkoku-kan, who is also the father of Souichiro and the grandfather of Ikuko. He is a good-natured man who has a heart big enough to let the looney squad stay in Ikkoku-kan.

Scheda del Grandfather Otonashi
Chiamato 'Otousan' da Kyoko e Godai
'Otousama' da Kyoko
'Ojiichan' da Ikuko
Prima apparizione Episodio 1 nell'anime (in un flashback)
Episodio 6 nell'anime (nella realta')
Volume 1-7 nel manga