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Nozumu Nikaido

NI-KAI (Kanji): "two-storied shrine"
DO (Kanji): prefix to building meaning "magnificent"
NOZOMU (Kanji): "to desire, to wish for, to see, to command (a view of)"

(Not in the T.V. series)

The walking insensitivity of room #2 is a college student who came from Ibaraki. He's always curious, so when he realized that nobody knew a thing about Yotsuya (everyone else had already given up on finding out anything about the peeping tom of room #4), he set out to find out about Yotsuya. One day, he tails the mystery man and finds himself in a restaurant with Yotsuya's bill (he ate steak). Later that day, he tried to chase Yotsuya into room #4 via #5 through the crack, but he got trapped there. Yotsuya locked his closet and nailed the crack from room #5. Nikaido managed to get out of there easily, using Yotsuya's technique. That night Nikaido tried the same thing and trapped Kyoko instead. Later Nikaido had to borrow a nail puller from Kyoko since Yotsuya nailed the door of room #2. To take revenge, he glued a door which he thought was room #4 without knowing that Yotsuya had put a sign ``#4'' on the door of room #6. (The next morning, when Kyoko entered room #5 to wake up Godai, she found Akemi and Godai sleeping together... Probably Akemi crawled into room #5 after she found out that she had been locked out) After the graduation, Nikaido moves back to his home and gets a job there. Since in the manga version, his existence was rather overlooked after several episodes, in the TV version he is omitted completely, though he does appear in the movie.

Note on japan character voice (in the movie): In most cases, Ryo Horikawa is known to do handsome male character voices like ``Andromeda'' Shun (Saint Seiya), Kei (Miyu II), and Radios Soap/Amateras (F.F.S.)