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Kozue Nanao

NA (Kanji): "7, seven"
NAO (Kanji): "tail, ridge"
The meaning of the term is "treetop"

The former co-worker of Godai's (at a liquor shop), she has a brother named Yousuke. Godai got acquainted with her when he was having trouble getting rid of a movie ticket he bought for Kyoko (she went out to a concert with Mitaka). By some minor misunderstandings, she thought that Godai was serious about her --- and so did her parents. Since Godai didn't want to hurt her, he tried to maintain a "parallel relationship". (no progress relationship) While Godai was unemployed for several months before he got a job, Kozue got a job at a bank teller two months before graduation. After a while, she was proposed to by her colleague (classmate in the TV version) and had a hard time deciding between him and Godai. She made up her mind when she happened to see Godai and Akemi coming out of a "love hotel" (Godai went there to pick up Akemi who was penniless). Yet she managed to say good bye to Godai in a happier tone when she happened to meet Yotsuya and found out the truth. At the end of the series, she's living in Nagoya with her husband, now happily married. She seems to be living in building #7 of a housing complex.

Note on japan character voice: Miena Tominaga also has done Izumi Noa (Patlabor), Murashita Tomimi (Megazone 23), Lastelle (Nausicaa) and Clare Barbland (VIFAM).

Scheda di Kozue Nanao
Chiamata 'Kozue-chan' da Godai
'Kozue-san' o 'Nanao-san'
'Suzanne' in Francia
Prima apparizione Episodio 10

Yousuke Nanao

NA (Kanji): "7, seven"
NAO (Kanji): "tail, ridge"
YOU (Kanji): "leaf"
SUKE (Kanji): "shell, shellfish, being in between (vs), mediation, concerning oneself with"

Kozue's brother.

Scheda di Yousuke Nanao
Chiamato 'Yousuke' da Kozue