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Asuna Kujou

KU (Kanji): "9, nine"
JOU (Kanji): "conditions, terms"
"ninth street", a family name of an ancient aristocrat

A shy lady who considers dogs her brothers and sisters. She promptly fell in love with Mitaka when they met in ``omiai,'' although Mitaka had an allergic reaction (``DOGS!!!''). She was worried about the relation between Mitaka and Kyoko; when she finally found out that the arrangement was made against Mitaka's will, she almost gave up about him, but that night, the drunken Mitaka kissed her and she spent the night at his place. To Asuna, who is really a very innocent lady, even a kiss was shocking enough so even though nothing else happened, she tried to hide the fact that she spent a night in a man's place and gave misleading answers to Mitaka when he visited her to find out if he had done anything wrong. Later, Asuna announced a pregnancy without saying whose it was. Her driver, not being able to bear the rumors which would fly around, decided to tell Asuna's parents what had happened that night. So the wedding arrangement of Asuna and Mitaka was accelerated. Afterwards, everyone found out that it was her dog, Salad, who got pregnant, but the arrangement had become irreversible. In the evening that she was introduced to Mitaka's parents, she sensed uneasiness in Mitaka. She pointed out that the smile he made at the dinner table was the same smile she saw on a photo taken after Mitaka lost in the finals of a tennis tournament. Hearing that, Mitaka made up his mind to forget about Kyoko completely. By the time Godai and Kyoko got married, Asuna was expecting her first child. When the couple showed up to Cha-Cha-Maru in time for the 2nd reception of Godai and Kyoko's wedding, grandma Yukari predicted that Asuna should expect twins. As the elderlies are always right, Asuna gave birth to twin girls, one looking like Shun and the other like Asuna. She is expecting the third one quite soon; I hope that none of the children inherit their daddy's teeth...

Note on japan character voice: Asuna was one of those in which the voice actor and the character did not match in my head for a while. She is done by Hitomi Tsuru, who did Luffy (Gall Force series), Madoka (Orange Road), Ukyou Kuonji (Ranma 1/2), Buruma (Dragonball Z) and Kim Kaviroff (Macross)... What a difference, eh?

Nota: Assurdamente ribattezzata "Atsuko" nella versione italiana dell'anime.

Scheda di Asuna Kujou
Born 1963
Zodiac sign Lepre
Addressed as 'Asuna-san'
'Hortense' in France
Prima apparizione Episodio 56

Asuna's pack
Salad Pomeranian who got heavily involved in the plot.
Romaji version: sarada
Addressed as: 'Salad-chan' da Asuna
Sugar, Ginger, Pepper - Salad's children with McEnroe.
Pot-au-feu Harlequin Great Dane
Romaji version: potofu
Foie Gras Brown Spitz
Romaji version: foa gura
Terrine Cocker Spaniel. long-eared with brown & white coloring.
Romaji version: teri--nu
Stroganoff St Bernard.
"Stroganoff" was never mentioned in the manga. This name is strictly an invention of the anime scripters.
Dobermann Pinscher.

Note sui cani: Pot-au-feu is a boiled dinner of meat and> Foie Gras is liver (esp. of goose) usually in the form of a pate.
Terrine is a dish used for cooking casserole.
All three of the above names are from French.
Stroganoff is an adjective for cooking in which the main ingredient (ex. beef) is sliced thinly and cooked in a sauce of consomme, sour cream, mustard, onions and condiments.
Spitz is the name of an entire family; the Pomeranian and the Samoyed breeds are part of the Spitz family.