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Ikuko Otonashi

OTO (Kanji): "sound"
NASHI (Kanji): "there isn't, doesn't have, without"
The meaning of the term is "obedient, docile, quiet"
IKU (Kanji): "fragrante/culturalmente avanzata"
KO (Kanji): "bambino, bambina"

Kyoko's niece by marriage, she lived with her mother in Otonashi's house (but has never seen her dad). When she visited Ikkoku-kan with her grandpa to see how Kyoko was doing, she met Godai, and later when her family thought about getting a tutor for her, she insisted on Godai --- she was in the 6th grade at that point. On the first day, Godai found out that it was more like a babysitting rather than a tutoring session. Thanks to Godai's tutoring, she managed to get into her first choice high school, and passed the college entrance exam in one shot --- probably because she knew a living example of a ronin. (Who else --- Godai-no-onichan!)(``Godai, my big brother'')

Note on japan character voice: Sho Mayumi also played Nagisa Kanou (Fight! Iczer-1), Shildy (Gall Force 3), and Hitomi (Appleseed).

Scheda di Ikuko Otonashi
Chiamata 'Ikuko-chan'
'Marina' in Francia
Prima apparizione Episodio 6 nell'anime
Volume 1-7 nel manga