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Souichirou (the dog)

The dog with no name owned by Souichiro. After her husband's death, Kyoko named the dog Souichiro as a memory of her husband. So instead of straight-out calling him "Souichiro", she called him "Souichiro-san". After finding out about the real Souichiro, Godai often saw the dog as the personification of Souichiro Otonashi. Thus just like Kyoko, he often talked to him as Kyoko's late husband, scorned him, and even fought with him. Souichiro was also used as Mitaka-repellent in some occasions.

Scheda di Souichirou (the dog)
Razza Samoiano
Chiamato "Soichiro-san'
"Shiro' da Soichiro
Prima apparizione Episodio 1 nell'anime
Volume 1-1 nel manga