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SAKA (Kanji): "slope, hill"
MOTO (Kanji): "book, main (pref), head, this, our"

Godai's light-headed buddy since the entrance exam days. Apparently he failed the exam once as well. His financial situation is somewhat better than that of Godai, so he lives in a cozy apartment. After the term exam of the first year, he went for a trip, leaving his cat named Kyoko to Godai's care. The cat created a mess since Ichinoce overheard a phone conversation of Sakamoto telling Godai that he was sleeping with the cat --- Ichinoce thought Godai meant Kyoko herself... Godai often used Sakamoto's place as a hideout whenever he didn't want to go back to Ikkoku-kan. Sakamoto often doesn't get involved deeply in plot development, but he does appear often. He was running a food booth during the college festival; he visited Ikkoku-kan for the first time when both he and Godai were working at a beer garden. He almost crushed Godai to death when he joined everyone inside a well in a spook house (TV version only). His greediness resulted in food poisoning when he ate a week-old egg, left by Yotsuya in Godai's care. Godai and he worked three part-time jobs a day to earn enough money to go to Saipan (``I hate you...'' --- Godai) while Godai's plan was just to buy Christmas gifts for Kyoko, Kozue, and Ikuko. He kissed Godai's neck while sleeping, and the kiss mark led to another misunderstanding between Kyoko and Godai. He is the one who introduced Godai to the boss of ``Cabaret Bunny''. He managed to get a permanent job by asking Yagami's father for a reference. Even after he got a job, he was still light-headed, skipping work on the wedding day of Godai and Kyoko.

Note on japan character voice: Toshiro Furukawa's other works include Ataru (Urusei Yatsura), Shinden Kai (Gundam), Professor Amamori's computer (Queen Millenia), the main character in the Crying Freeman OVA, Leon McNichol (The Bubblegum Crisis), Shin (Hokuto no Ken) and Exanon (Gall Force - Eternal Story).

Scheda di Sakamoto
Chiamato 'Sakamoto-san'
'Marc' in Francia
Prima apparizione Episodio 3


KO (Kanji): "small, little, tiny"
BAYASHI (Kanji): "woods, forest"

Uno dei compagni di corso di Godai. Porta gli occhiali; magro. Bazzicola in giro con Godai e Sakamoto.